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Curating Content in 2023 – The Fastest, Easiest, & Most Effective System

I’ve been curating content in dozens of niches for over ten years. I’ve grown my audience to over 1MM by curating the best content. And I use a reinforcement learning system to do it quickly and easily.

But it hasn’t always been this way. When I started, there were very few AI tools available. So I had to build my custom solution. This was time-consuming and costly. But it was worth it because my curated content was better than anything else.

Nowadays, many no-code solutions can do the same thing as my custom solution – and often even better! So the last time my system required maintenance, I switched to one of these newer solutions. And the results have been amazing!

For the past year, I’ve used a simple yet highly effective combination of existing ‘no code’ applications to curate content better than ever. The bread and butter of this workflow are two apps you’ve probably heard of: Feedly and Zapier.

First, Why Curate in 2023?

The utility of curated content is that it can help sift through the overwhelming amount of information and resources available on the internet, social media, etc., and present a more focused, manageable selection. This is especially useful when exploring new topics or unfamiliar terrain.

AI could potentially replace human curation if it could learn the preferences and needs of individual users and then provide highly personalized recommendations. However, there are many areas where AI falls short compared to humans when making decisions – for example, taking into account contextual factors or understanding implicit preferences. In addition, humans are still better at assessing the quality of information sources and can provide a more diverse range of material (e.g., different perspectives on a topic). For these reasons, human curation will likely continue to be essential in many contexts.

Feedly for Curating

Two standout features of Feedly make it an excellent tool for content curation.

Firstly, its ‘Leo’ AI recommendation engine scours the internet for content based on simple parameters you set. Then, it continues to learn and suggest new content based on what you curate. This easy-to-use feature is effectively a Reinforcement Learning system, which means every time you curate something the algorithm improves. This will save you time in the future.

Second, Feedly provides an excellent mobile app that helps keep us on top of the latest content without spending hours sifting through everything. The app gives us a prioritized list, so we can review what’s new in minutes. Plus, the Leo AI recommendations engine gets smarter over time, ensuring we always have fresh and relevant content to share.

Zapier for Distribution

Zapier is a powerful tool for distributing curated content. It integrates with every app, so you can easily post your content on the platform or medium of your choosing. Zapier can also be used to ‘transform’ the content, adding text to images or summarizing the content you curated.

Zapier integrates with every app, so when you save content in Feedly, you can instruct Zapier to post the content on the platform or medium of your choosing. This is a great way to get your curated content to a wider audience.

Zapier can also be used to ‘transform’ the content. For example, you could use other apps and services to add text to images or summarize the content you curated. This can be a great way to make your content more engaging and easier for people to consume.

The Best Workflow for Curators in 2023

As we move into 2023, the best content curation workflow will continue to combine Feedly and Zapier. This duo provides the perfect mix of recommendations and automation, making it easy to post your content on any platform or medium. With Feedly’s Leo AI constantly improving recommendations and Zapier’s ability to connect services and transform content, this workflow will help you curate the best content for your audience.

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