A computer screen with an open coding interface, displaying three highly-detailed SVG images_ a sunrise over water, a cat's face with ears, and a dog.

GPT-4: A Quantum Leap in SVG Generation

A few months ago, I tested the abilities of text-davinci-003 and ChatGPT to create SVG images. The results were promising but not all that impressive.

Enter GPT-4.

After conducting multiple experiments and reviewing the examples provided above, it’s clear that GPT-4 has significantly improved the quality and capabilities of SVG generation compared to its predecessor, ChatGPT. The intricacies and precision showcased in these examples demonstrate the immense progress achieved in a relatively short time.

Test 1: Sunrise Over Water

Prompt: <!-- SVG: a sunrise over water -->

Prompt: Write the code for a highly detailed SVG of a sunrise over water:

Test 2: A Cat’s Face

Prompt 1: Here is an example of a highly detailed SVG of a cat's face:

Prompt 2: Write the code for a highly detailed SVG of a cat's face, including it's ears:

Test 3: A Dog

Prompt: Write the code for a highly detailed SVG of a dog:


GPT-4 has made remarkable strides in the realm of SVG generation. Its ability to produce high-quality, intricate, and visually appealing images has far surpassed the capabilities of previous models. This progress showcases the rapid development of AI technology and hints at the possibilities and applications for AI-generated art and design in the future. As we continue to refine and enhance these models, the creative potential of AI-generated SVG images is bound to grow exponentially.

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